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lk173 mizpah

lk173 mizpah

heaing out from lerwick today

    Duncan MacPhail
    Feb 05 2013 08:11 PM
    nice photo mr leask

    Duncan MacPhail
    Feb 05 2013 08:15 PM
    trust you tae get rowleys hoose in the background parkhead!!!!!!
    ha ha i its all a bit odd this year we no rangers to play,just oot a quick run at dinner time today

    Duncan MacPhail
    Feb 12 2013 12:12 PM
    oor ky is a big blue nose ian, jst in case u didna ken !!

    homeward bound
    Feb 12 2013 08:47 PM
    ach well at least it"s better than 3RD DIVISION FOOTBALL,  1690 is that yer teams bank balance ?  GIRUY HH
    i two bad goals had better nights
    so do you think your team could beat juv ???
    i ky you have plenty to say  but lets be honest no scottish team will ever win the champions league but celtic have made a few million along the way and had a few party nights thats all i have to say now back to the trawler photos,cheers