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    Think she was built as a vessel for an electronics company to go round the ports demonstrating wheelhouse electronic equipment? Not 100% sure tho.
    I think she was registered as a fishing boat but used by the nuclear industry to sample fish
    Youre probably right , Chris. I knew it was some kinda "technical job" rather than ordinary fishing!

    stooriejim ba383
    Jan 08 2013 09:17 PM
    built by nobles of girvan as a research vessel for cellafield power station, back in girvan last summer all the bunting flying for her 50th birthday
    Thanx, Jim, for confirming Chris. At one time I had a booklet written by Alex Noble about his builds, but lent it out an never got it back.
    She was a registered fishing vessel from Whitehaven 0wned by the Sellafield Nuclear plant  for taking fish samples which checked for any pollution, she was sold to the then skipper who fished her on a commercial basis for a few years whilst still doing the sampling for BNFL she was always given plenty of TLC,