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munchin again

munchin again

just managed the 14 peices and 4 pokes o chips eat yer heart out gw hahahahaha

    mind an stop chowin when ye reach yer fingers davie

    young ronnie
    Dec 05 2012 09:20 PM
    What ye've just pit away there would keep me gaun for a week Davie,and that's including snacks at night...ye must hae arteries like f*kkin' North Sea gas pipes if yon lot doesnae choke them up !!

    homeward bound
    Dec 06 2012 06:45 AM
    morning KY. get yersel doon to rs mc coll"s , pick up a daily flute !!   hail hail, :)  :)

    then get to the KFC and get a CELTIC bucket, see if you can manage the LAST16 !!!!
    ho di yi ken aboot the bra hahaha,   a waz back ower they bones afor ma  icecream haha ,   oo the joys !!!
    thats a family bucket you jist scoffed, did the family get to sook the bones?
    Thank feck ah no a chicken !
    calums memorys awa , haha ,,  whats your excuse hehe,, am doin braw haha ,,