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at the kippers again mmmmmmmmmmmmm

at the kippers again mmmmmmmmmmmmm

only the 3 mind yi gw till ma xmas hamper arrives hahaa

    Slow-doon ma laud, plenty fur awbody !
    there were they poor wee herring swimmin along mindin their ane business when they get caught in a net pumped into a freezin cold tank then pumped up into a factory split in two then hung by the gills and half cooked wi hot smoke little did they know the worst was yet to come and that they would come face to face with and get devoured by godzillas father

    young ronnie
    Nov 26 2012 05:54 PM
    I like the wey ye say "only the three"....what are ye wanting,a pat on the back for showing will-power?..probably three was a' the shop had left !!
    i wonder who,s deliverin the xmas hamper ky16 hasnt got an hgv licience
    hahaha  calum av been called a few things ,, godzillas fether , ats the best yin haha,  mind yi a kin see the resemblance  handsome fella that a am , haha ,,
    here davie remind me to go to that magic mirror shop the next time im in ainster if it makes you look hansome ill settle for reasonable and as for you ky jelly that 0900 deadline gets moved to 0530 when i,m within arms reach of you

    caveat emptor
    Nov 26 2012 08:52 PM
    KY widnae get oot of bed for a mere 3 herring !
    a picture aw me my arse,emptor its docs orders ,,  or it wid be 6 kipys followed by a pan few o clams a loaf buttered!!!!!  etc etc haha   mind yi his vans feeling te differance already poor wee van luggin thon aboot  haha  mind the hamper ky and bring calum and his bagpipes anaw haha  accordian a mean ,
    haha  brill !!!
    Aye its no easy being a kipper !