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Christina II's little sister and our new project built W.Lower Newhaven don't know when.  20ft with a Lister SRM2 with reduction box  engine to be put back together this weekend after refurb.

    Looks good , i want one
    If the price is right Chris

    Hugh Paterson
    Nov 21 2012 04:17 PM
    Honking colour??
    You not like varnish then Hugh aparently she mahogany planking

    Hugh Paterson
    Nov 22 2012 10:19 PM
    oh aye that would b nice in fresh varnish wot kinda nicks the surface of the planks in?
    Not had a great look at her yet it was a spur of the moment buy but she looks in great nick top decks have been renewed last year.  Guy was an ex fisherman/boat builder who taught boat building at Brixham College (Alan Lockhart) he passed away suddenly 3 weeks ago.  He fished the English Channel when he was at the nets.

    Hugh Paterson
    Nov 24 2012 05:35 PM
    "spur of the moment" eh, been there seen that got the t-shirt.........reckon u got the easier deal however??? har har