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Christina II new Cutlass

Christina II new Cutlass

Not recommended to try and change one of these for the first time in winter in the water and between tides.  Think westbob and myself lost a few years attemting this trick, but hey job done if not a little dark by the time we finished on Saturday.  Did it solve the vibration NO, next job balance the prop oh and yet more money.  Old boats are such fun!!!!!

    Well done , how bad was the old cutlass bearing ?
    A couple of mm play in the bearing should be a couple of thou new one a lot tighter on shaft when we tried to fit it.  Shaft needed to be oiled to get it on.  Now we know how its built it will be easier next time.  Ours had a key to stop it rotating the other one we tried on Bruces didnt have the key this meant ours was harder to get out.  Anyone doing a K3 cutlass should remember this.

    Angus Grant
    Nov 14 2012 05:54 PM
    This is on my list for the Dawn Pearl. Looks like a swine of a job.

    Jay Cresswell
    Nov 14 2012 08:21 PM
    Sequoiah's outer gland needs attention
    Repacking plus new locking bolts required as the existing ones are bent
    May end up heading for Nairn to dry out there and get the job done early in the New Year
    Getting the prop off is probably the hardest without a puller we ended up hammering it back on then it jumped off.  Cutlass bearing, we used a set of stilsons to turn it while pulling the bearing out by hand as its being rotated this takes a long time.  Like I said ours had a key for 5mm which prevented rotation making it ever longer.  Our bearing had to be cut to length then the key cut into it.  So make sure you know what needs doing if your not out the water.  We checked on Bruces before doing ours and although looked isentical
    Bloody phone identical they werent.  We had about an hour to spare and we thought we were well prepared with all the tools