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nov 2012 campbeltown

    Wheelhouse looking good Chris, hows the cat doing, been out yet

    Engine ok,i was  worried about nowt !

    Jay Cresswell
    Nov 13 2012 08:34 PM
    thank goodness for that
    I read your wife's blog a while back ... an excellent account of the Cat worries
    I thought for a bit that i would put a kelvin t4 in her, still think it would have been nice but happy not to spend the money, hows your boat Jay ?

    homeward bound
    Nov 14 2012 08:53 AM
    kelvin t4 ?  are you a secret lottery winner ?
    Rebuilt t4, with gearbox cheaper than rebuilt gardner 6lx with gearbox, both too expensive so happy to stick with 3306 cat for now
    I've got access to a T4 with gearbox if anyone want's one since you don't need it now Chris.

    i saw a kelvin K4 and a K6, some one said to me if i was to install one of them i would have to install a full time engineer at the same time !
    Well Chris, you wouldn't have to oil the bilges with one of them in!!


    Jay Cresswell
    Nov 14 2012 08:18 PM
    Boat is fine
    Parked afloat at Muirtown Basin
    Staying in commission throughout the winter
    Hope to make it down to TT boat gathering next year, assuming there is one