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Creels 1

Creels  1

Storm damage from last week at cellardyke !

    Oh man that's a bloody awful sight.
    beyond repair by the look of a couple off them
    at 40-50 quid each an all the ropes,spinners, dahns a disaster fir fife creelers
    I have to say I feel for the lads today with the outlay for these steel pots, the days we had are gone forever,  wooden bottoms 25 pence apiece from Norman Coates,but I made an awful lot of bottoms from wood washed up on the scaur or we went into into the woods and  chopped  a bundle of hazels, or bought a bundle o canes from Gundry's ,bow em up and a ball o courlene and we were in business,
    Jesus I must have made thousands over the years, but there was something about making them yourself, and you had to take care of em, the fun and games of trying to back em off a bit when the swell was growing and they were on the stone tops especially in May month.
    I remember backing em off when I was with Les Winspear in the old Sea Fisher WY.147 and we were thrown up on the shore on top of them big stones up to the southard at the Scrubey Stones  and bust two planks in and nearly lost her, but that's another story. !!
    which yins is sortable then liberty ,hahahaha
    clamcal could,ny di that kind a damage , haha, even if he tried