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Christina II going under the Forth Bridges

Christina II Forth Bridge

Christina II going under the Forth Bridges

A wee bit of a blow on today force 5-6 great when its on your stern not so much fun going back up the river.  But hey it wet the decks and upper planks not to mention the wheelhouse floor.

    Hugh Paterson
    Sep 30 2012 07:32 AM
    u pair are really Pissing me off wi all these fotis underway, im away to get my saw oot and whack another bit of timber in a howling gale and rain on costa Clyde...dreaming of warmer climes, cause it sure aint round hear at the mo??
    Hugh wasn't really a day for a pleasure cruise on the Forth yesterday either but promised my mate Derek who used to fish out of Carradale on Aquila a sail so we thought bugger it we'll go out anyway.  But your right another fine Scottish summers day its either pissing down or blowing a hoolie.  Could have done with another 20ft length on the way back a bit bouncy but better than sitting watching the telly.

    We'll need to get you out on the Forth sometime soon.

    Cheers BigAlan

    Hugh Paterson
    Sep 30 2012 06:08 PM
    Were Caulking the deck if the weather would give us a break should be watertight again soon, Johns doing a grand job wi the pitch, sharp learning curve on not pouring too much cause u got to scrape if off again!! im still repairing the stem head and attacking frame heads up forward as weather allows got to luv a damp Scotland (not)??
    Hi Hugh

    Full sympathy on weather front, just back from a week in Fort William, some serious rain and wind, did miss the East coast continuous session start of last week but still some serious weather around. All the best and catch you soon


    Jay Cresswell
    Sep 30 2012 08:15 PM
    Boys ... Twas a fine day in Inverness, even if it was howling a bit
    Finally got to dressing off Sequoiah's coachroof tops ... decent paint job even if I say so mesel
    also stripped starboard side of coachroof back, sanded and oiled and its looking not bad ... so one side of the coachroof is white ... the other oiled!
    Will do the other side in the Spring, most likely as it was done a few months back. Stbd side oiled because I had to knock loose paint off to do a decent job. Then I discovered that it would sand and oil up well

    Tarbert boat Frigate Bird locked down through Clachnaharry today, headed for Macduff for a refit