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Asteria BRD 250

asteria brd 250

Asteria BRD 250

July 2012

    brilliant picture ekv o a crackign boat she looks nice and fresh painted there
    was this one built for eyemouth white wings
    was she not built as th casima for michell
    she was built for eyemouth and varnished

    M/V Sisters
    Sep 29 2012 10:55 AM
    Built as Casemar LH 502,Think around 1995.
    Casemar for peter mitchell
    Plenty of boat for her length -nice one.
    watched this one on ais.
    went into loch creran a couple of times.
    then steamed from there to gairloch,
    sometimes at 2knots.in the mull sound.
    is she on some sort of survey job?

    Sep 29 2012 06:39 PM
    maybe towing fish farm cages ?
    Aye Alasdair tows cages a lot when fishing is poor