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Gardner 8l3B Conservor

Conservor 8l3B

Gardner 8l3B Conservor

Bill's pristine 8L3B can barely detect it running even at 200 rpm this is what an engine should be.

    young ronnie
    Sep 23 2012 06:36 PM
    They certainly are a beautiful piece of engineering work,great machines no doubt about that,run like a Rolex watch.It's only when you come to do a major overhaul on that beast that you wish you'd gone for a 230 Cummins.And heaven help ye if it's mated up to a 3 UC that needs a full set of wheels for the reduction box...come back SCG all is forgiven !!
    Sure the 8L3B that was in the Faithful ticked over at 350 revs,,,,,,,mind you she could go at 1250, fast boat

    johntar tt10
    Sep 24 2012 07:23 AM
    Everything in America is no bigger efter all !