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, anne marie, moray lass,ard macha

, anne marie, moray lass,ard macha

at the dogs, carrigaholt co clare 1986

    moray lass is on the outside frank?;)

    Oct 06 2008 10:52 PM
    should have looked at picture better jammy! moray lass,light blue-middle boat. anne marie outside
    must have a different wheel house on her there frank

    Oct 07 2008 11:39 AM
    yeah i believe her wheelhouse was changed shortly before she came here-she also got a goal post mast aft and a tripod  forard at the same time-i had closer pics but i can`t turn them up anywhere. theres a good pic of her about somewhere taken on the slip in burtonport being repaired after she sank-will try to get a hold of it.

    Oct 07 2008 11:54 AM
    just after checking her pic with old w/house on tp`s-she had the goal post at that time-must have been just the tripod she got.

    johntar tt10
    Oct 08 2008 08:49 AM
    Thats the Anne Marie outside, TT150, big Alex Johnson had her latterly in tarbert,
    built for Hector MacMillan my father's cousin 1949, John "doods" Macdougall another cousin who skippered her for Hector, then sold to big Alex x-partner Dalriada TT77 and his brother John"smokie" x-partner Caledonia TT17, the bros had her till sold to Ireland when "doods" bought Utopia TT55

    Gavin Brown
    Nov 30 2009 12:05 AM
    was in your country there today fankie

    Brian Ward TT24
    Nov 30 2009 07:44 PM
    Zoom in and the Anne Marie still looks good in the photo. I can't remember if we actually got to the bottom of her later history and what ultimately became of her. Hope somebody can fill in the missing bits!

    johntar tt10
    Nov 30 2009 09:22 PM
    AM had rigging screws forad to keep her tight, typical Weatherhead, slam the teeth oot yer heid going into a breeze.

    Good puckle lbs of steak, (1 lb per man was the usual order for stew steak, mince and sirloins) consumed in fo'cstle of AM when Alex and Smokie had her + couple of full breakfasts every day, liked their grub they men

    Nov 30 2009 10:42 PM
    was some amount of caulking shoved into am`s seams here-donegal weather wasn`t kind to these ladies!-another weatherhead that was here the second caledonia had 14 frames broke forrard -11 on one side. there was more steel frd in the end than timber. the moray lass  was pretty sore on herself as well being shoved into weather although when i was on her the years weren`t against her and she was tight as a drum .the irish boats were easy on themselves being dozed into weather but they would roll the teeth out of yer head!