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booby trap

booby trap

When you've passed a creel end that you gave a reasonably wide berth,you sure as hell don't expect to turn round and see it suddenly come tanking up yer ar*e and wrap itself round the rudder! There was 30 or 40 feet of rope floating on the surface,so whoever ye are mannie,FFS stick a wee bit of chain on the blo*dy riser before some poor sod gets a real fanning up job.I don't know how,but I got away with it,the next lad might not be so lucky.That's ma greetin' faced auld basta*d rant over for the night,I can sit back and enjoy the pics and the banter now lol

    That could cause a major headache for want of a wee sinker!
    Whereaboots YR?

    young ronnie
    Sep 14 2012 10:06 AM
    It was at the back of Kerrera Sorcha,West of Slatrach Bay.I don't know if the weight had come off the riser or wasnae there to start with,but it sure caught me out big time,I was very very lucky to get clear as easy as I did,could have been a major ballzup.....moral of the story always expect the unexpected!

    young ronnie
    Sep 14 2012 02:18 PM
    Aye,ye're some man so ye are,got me sussed oot nae bother! I was trying tae pass the buck and blame some innocent creel man for my pish poor watchkeeping...I'll get the chain off the rudder heid the next time I've got her up on the beach lol

    young ronnie
    Sep 14 2012 03:17 PM
    Never thought about it actually.I should have hauled a few and got my dinner out it...just as a wee bit of compensation for all the pain and personal trauma I went through...only fair that!
    fuck im ron next time yi pass his ends get in there wi a  sharp knife an a clear consience ,haha fanglen yi up indeed aaarrrrr

    young ronnie
    Sep 14 2012 04:58 PM
    If it hadnae come off the rudder by sheer guid luck Davie I'm afraid I would have had tae resort to the knife.No something that I would ever do willingly,but we were well and truly hog tied....desperate times,require desperate measures lol
    If your unfortunate and get fangled up, Never been fangled up myself you understand.for chopping a rope i prefer ordinary straight blade, first officer prefers serrated,third officer carries hacksaw and breadknife if all else fails there is always the grinder.

    young ronnie
    Sep 14 2012 07:02 PM
    Many thanks for these ideas calfsound.Should the need ever arise again I'll keep them in mind.....do either you or your officers take on sub contract work by any chance? lol
    cant make out name on bobber !!

    young ronnie
    Sep 14 2012 08:31 PM
    I could hardly make out the name on the buoy Mick,the letters were pretty faded,but I can certainly remember the names I called it and the floating rope as I was struggling to try and get clear of them lol