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Kincardine Bridge

Upper Forth

Kincardine Bridge

Wee trip up to Kincardine to blow the cobwebs off got the hull nice and wet

    whats the boat ahead of you
    Liberty it was Tempest a 90mtr Hazardous Tanker from the Netherlands she was running at 12knts so passed us quickly on route to Grangemouth.

    Good  sound!-Gardner?
    Its a great sounding Gardner Sorcha specialy as its an old 1965 Perkins 6.354 but yes it does sound good thats it running at 1200rpm about 6.5 knots
    it does sound good much better than the old kelvin with the wet exhaust and the fumes blowing in your face
    Same spot of water 3 days later bit blowier WestBob near shit himself when he heard a loud thud as she dropped into a big one just after this video stopped.  He went down below to check water everwhere, a 10gl wooden water barrel dropped onto the frontend floor and leaked Bob initial though was we had a leak, no damage done just put the bung in.  Need to secure the barrel though.  
    Haaa ! Good one Big Alan!- was reading your comment and about to give myself a congratulatory pat on the back and ......eh!

    Aye, good sounding machine right enough.

    young ronnie
    Sep 07 2012 05:45 PM
    Granted they're maybe no in the same league as a 6LX,but there's nowt wrong wi' the 6.354.Compared to a 6 cylinder Ford I always thought the Perkins had more puff to be honest.A wee tad gutsier on the motion lotion certainly,but horse power for horse power a better towing engine in my humble opinion.