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Still sitting at Staley burn boat yard Burntisland though judging by the amount of water pumping out of her through mains run pumps I assume she's leaking badly.  I've been told she's sunk in the last year possibly several times bit of a waste, sometimes wish the guys would have sold her to me she could have been cracking maybe not too late.

    Hugh Paterson
    Aug 18 2012 10:54 PM
    whats the hull sitting on the hard  up fwd of her Alan?

    Aug 18 2012 11:00 PM
    halcyon t4 kelvin was lk reg
    hugh you would have a hard job restoring the Halcyon.
    she has sat there for over 25 yrs drying out and falling to bits.
    the kelvin is still in her.

    the Freedom is past help too, unless you have a spare 50k.
    and thats just to make her watertight.
    her starboard bilge keel is sitting on a walkway down the side of the slip
    at low water ,its no wonder she is leaking.the ropes to the pier are holding her upright at low water. you will notice the tripod bending out of shape with the strain thats been on it.
    is the wee blue fifie still lying on the hard up there?  'agnes blyth' was it maybe?
    no,  its gone, but the engine is sitting there for some reason.

    Hugh Paterson
    Aug 19 2012 07:44 PM
    Oh dear on both counts then, not so much wots left of a boat yard, more of a graveyard I suppose.
    im not sure if its the agnes blyth on the hard at north queensferry?
    theres a small yawl there getting a lot of work done,
    about the size that agnes blyth was.
    not only the boats that are falling to bits at stanley burn,the pier is crumbling into the harbour too.
    Go for it Big A cracking boat would be a great project if u can afoard it.
    Would only take it on if I got it for nothing she'll need a lot of hull work and probably a new engine by now.  She's sat there pounding the bottom in the winter gales for the last 3 years.  Judging by the damage to the wall in front of where she used to sit she's pounded the wall with her bow as well.  I'll need to go down and have a look at her at low tide some day.  Let you know what I find.
    alan even for nothing it would be a massive undertaking.
    she is sitting on a concrete slip there, bouncing off the bottom.
    she has gribble in her port side heavy plank underwater.
    her stem is well damaged with hitting the pier.
    nothing has been done to the engine, since it sank last year.
    just a rusty mess. plus water  dripping out of the tailshaft
    be better with the Brilliant Star, at least she`s floating...