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Rachel Douglas - BK231

Rachel Douglas - BK231

Rachel Douglas - BK231 seen here in St Peters Marina, Newcastle upon Tyne on 3rd December 2008.

The Rachel Douglas purchased 3 years ago by Ted Smith, Peter Weightman & Gordon Brown and has been brought back to original condition as was in year of build - 1947.She was refurbished at Fred Crowells Boatyard at South Shields.

Overall length: 11.67 metres
Tonnage: 14.12

    This boat was onFAFB last year I think? Nice to see a sensitive restoration . I always think the conversions don't look right with all the fishing gear stripped off, kinda hauf dressed!. And some of these new wheelhooses , caravans,portacabins conservatories or whatever ....well! Looks a good job whoever was responsible!!
    Re last comment : :idiot2:it was another boat on the Isle of Man I think that was for sale ;)