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Christina II heading away from Blackness

Christina II


Charlie Simpson

Christina II heading away from Blackness

The hammer down to blow some cobwebs off Christina running at 8 knots away from Blackness and yes we did miss the yacht.  Perkins running at 1600 rpm giving us 8 knots 1800 rpm is all she'll do but doesn't get any quicker just buries the stern even more.  Still pushes her quicker than the K3 could and 1 gl/hr @ 7 kts is not bad.  Thanks to Charlie Simpson UFBC for the pictures.

    You know we really need to get those tyres lined up better, exhaust nice and clean at those revs.


    Hugh Paterson
    Jul 01 2012 08:04 PM
    Is that the mizzen mast back aft, or just Alan getting "Moral support"?? Bring yer kilts for Tarbert theres a Ceilidh on Sat nite..im going for an east meets west look if ya want......u can come Trad Scots if your up for it.... im going weegie style kilts n bovver boots? har har

    Hugh Paterson
    Jul 01 2012 08:07 PM
    fiver says u went to the pub at
    Blackness for a "ploughmans"??
    You owe us a fiver, tide was dropping and had to get back to base, so no pub.


    Hugh Paterson
    Jul 01 2012 10:13 PM
    damn first rounds on me at Tarbert....did i tell u im part Aberdonian and I drink horlicks so im sleeping by the third round?? U really need to find somewhere to "park" yer boat where we work in feet and not Inches??
    Sorted for coming with you Hugh, cheers, Kilt will be packed and ready for Saturday night. We'll be in touch to discuss arrangements. I'll pack you some Horlicks as well


    Will taylor
    Jul 04 2012 10:37 AM
    Musta got this hull design on the Girl Jean model right.  She buries her stern as well.  Not good as increased water pressure pushes the wet stuff up the rudder tube.  Love the picture.
    Right on Will that's one of the reasons we renewed the rubber tube well that and it was seized the the rubber.  But yes she does sit down but that's her at max hull speed she just drops further into the washes hole the more throttle we give after that.  Were moving the winch further forward which might but I doubt it keep the bow down a little.


    Will taylor
    Jul 08 2012 06:22 PM
    Big Alan. Miniaturising the hull design seems to re-produce the characteristics of the basic design. I've run the model at differing speeds and after shifting the ballast she still sits down.  My new boat, "Silver BIrch" (45'MFV) is even worse with aft water pressure swamping the stern when steaming.  As per your doubts, methinks it'll take a bit more than moving the winch.  Good luck with it though.
    Best wishes