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wayside flower BH 5



wayside flower  BH 5

built eyemouth  for robinsons of amble

    fifer type coiler?
    Caught plenty fish at the seine net broadside heavin this 1 Also caught plenty prawns in her time fished from Amble predecessor to the Girl Hayley which also boated a hell of a variety of stuff over the yrs .Peter Robinson real snapper.
    state of the art fishwasher forward there.
    was state of the art when she was in Amble
    a step up from just putting the hose over them and shaking the basket.
    tiring on the arms.after lifting the rope away.
    Wasnt muh time to shake them at the broadside heavin everthing was done at 110 mile an hour
    did they just tow the gear shut, then haul back in top gear?
    Ijust towed the gear gear closed then swung on the broadside a hauled as hard as the winch could go .6 coil aside