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o humble little creel what have you become!!!!

    Barry McCrindle
    Apr 29 2012 06:30 PM
    feckin back breakers, that's what they have become
    westword could pull aboot 400 of these a day withoot breaking sweat
    an if the price fir lobbies keeps drapping he will hiv to double that
    I have been among creels for over 40yrs, & have heard guys coming-out wi `huh that guy pulls everyones gear`, well l have to say this, but after a day haulin 300 plus creels, my body in no fit state to start messin abt wi anybody elses gear !

    young ronnie
    Apr 30 2012 10:47 AM
    Ye hit the nail on the heid wi' the caption on the photo Davie,that says it all really...just like Topsy,it growed and growed !
    You'll be pulling them by hand then Davie there just little ones for you are they no.

    aha funnily enuff a am haulin by hand aff ma wee boat , and a happen ti have 4 o they as singles all a can say is, what thef!!!ck did a do that for , am back in the stoneage ha ha ug ug
    As you know ye can haul awa fine by hand, its gettin em aboard can be a bit knackering, some young guys widnae dream abt haulin by hand now, by time they get oilys & gloves etc on haha, fair enough its a different story aff the shore a bit in deeper water, good bowl o parrich required !
    err!! twa bowls o parrich and a pan few ow that stornaway black pud fir me haha, thanks very much