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Christina II after a bit of a clean

Christina II fire

Christina II after a bit of a clean

Beam gone bulkhead gone deck nearly gone but boat survived

    5off 8Ft 5"x4" Oak beams picked up yesterday along with 15off 8ft 2.75"x1.5" deck planks also in Oak.  Father-in-laws wee trailer about had a heart attack with the weight but hey got home without running into the boys in blue.  If the weathers fair we should get the beams in this weekend.  Got a great source for Oak in Fife if anyones interested cost as much for the Oak as it did for the nails.  Thinks the Oak was the better buy.

    what sort of price were the beams?

    £5 each he priced for 5ft but gave us 8.5ft

    If you want to get in touch send me a personal message and I'll get you his details.  He's supplying us with Oak for the bulwarks as well at a similar cheap price.  The Oak is fresh cut green Oak which is easier to work than seasoned.


    Jay Cresswell
    Mar 20 2012 09:31 AM
    Alan ... that's EXCELLENT news

    Hugh Paterson
    Mar 31 2012 07:42 PM
    I will have the details off u for yon green oak please, I have a "source" in Weegie, but always good to compare and that looks good. Need a load in a few weeks.
    Hi Hugh, Alan down south this weekend, he has the phone No, so we'll pass it on when he's back