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fire damage Christina II

Christina II

fire damage Christina II

Well this is what happens when someone else converts a boat.  Went down yesterday to discover that Christina II has been on fire.  Caused by the bulkhead that the fire flue goes through not being fire retardation stainless sheet on one side tiles on other wood ignites and smoulders for hours after you've left the boat lucky she wasn't burnt to the ground.  Bulkhead gone two deck beams burnt right through and some deck planks damaged.  When we rebuild her the bulkhead will not be made of wood.  However could have been a lot worse lucky the fire suffocated itself, anyone any good with a scrubbing brush to clean all the smoke damage off.  We are a little pissed off to say the least.

    Try and get hold of some "Pelagic Magic" it shifts carbon a treat with out too much scrubbing just spray it on diluted with water to the required strength.
    Can't remember the firm selling it but you should be able to google it.
    Good luck
    Thanks Paul will give that a try with a pressure washer, managed to source 2 oak beams and the deck planks so we should have the structure back quickly.  By christ oaks not cheap though

    Sorry to hear about this , you will be pissed off.
    So sorry t here of ur bad luck sods law after all the time money love and effort u have put into such a great restoration . Hope all goes well for u with the damage repairs and hope u get back to sea very soon all the best BG
    Alan it comes in gallon containers with a pint (i think) bottle that has a pump handle to spray it with no need to pressure wash. We had a blown exhaust for a week in the engine room so you can imagine the mess, I diluted it 1/2--1/2 with water and used less that half a gallon on the whole engine room went round after that with bilgex and warm water just to take the smell away
    Cheers Paul ive got 5 ltrs coming tomorrow comes from a crowd in Lesmahagow.  The guy Alan who runs it suggested a 10:1 mix for the bad bits and 20-30:1 for the rest of her.  Were taking her along to Limekilns on Saturday morning to get a fresh water supply well see how it goes.

    thanks for the advice Ill let you know how it goes and post some pictures taken in daylight of the damage.

    All the best with cleaning her up. Small consolation Im sure :> but it couldve been worse!
    Your right there Sorcha, if the deck planks had burned through, and it wasn't far off, and re introduced air, we would be looking at a waterline with and engine sitting on it. As you say could have been worse.

    Paul D

    Got hold of some Palegic Gold worked a treat took most of the soot off boat smelling better already, disappointed it didn't replace the burnt frames and deck though but hey it looking better I'll post a few pictures take in daylight.

    Glad the info was of some use Alan, best of luck with the repairs