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Christina II leaving Inshmickery Pier

Christina II Insh Mickery

Christina II leaving Inshmickery Pier

Christina II leaving Inchmickery 27th Dec 2011 Pier between Burntisland and Cramond to see video click here

    Jay Cresswell
    Dec 28 2011 01:42 PM
    She's looking better every time you post an image/footage
    Well done!
    Thanks Jay,

    She's definitely getting there we managed to get the bottom painted before the year end and gained a knot.  However we thought we'd be cheap and by the normal deck paint it's lethal when wet, fortunately the tin it came in leaked and they sent a replacement 5ltr non slip one so we'll get that one if we ever get some dry wind free days.  New wheelhouse will be getting fitted in the spring bigger but not too big.

    Cheers BigAlan

    PS she's got your old prop on now big difference. :(
    alan if your caught out like that with paint again.
    just use it and throw handfuls of sand or gravel over it sprinkled on.
    has the same non slip effect.
    thats what we did before non slip paint appeared.
    Good job you can do good coffee and brought trifle yesterday or I might have left you there when I went off in these pictures!!


    Hugh Paterson
    Dec 28 2011 09:02 PM
    Thats a nice job be happy if we can get Ocean Gem similar to that finish but its gonna take a bit o time...now if the weather would give us a break??
    looks good, we should try to get all these old boats together sometime
    Just been down to check the boat 3 yachts with bow lines snapped when will they learn string is no use and you need more than 2 ropes in this weather.  One yacht dragged its mooring and ended on the rocks at the bottom of the inner harbour wall.  Christina and Mike Reid's Harvest Queen fine but house near them has lost a whole 30ft by 20ft glass conservatory roof walls the lot, WestBob said it was wild when he went down this morning.
    Hope your all safe and no damage.

    Cheers BigAlan

    Hugh Paterson
    Jan 03 2012 03:00 PM
    Similar around here lost the stern mooring cleat on one of my boats, nearly killed myself trying to get out to the moorings yesterday to check damage. River Leven must be running at 8 - 10 knots.....not good for rowing at my age, couldnt be assed humping the outboard, wont b doing that again!!
    Hey Hugh can remember going down to the Golden West one day and she had grounded at the stern and the bow swung round to the high street side and grounded the water was 3 ft higher on one side than the other a bit scary the current you get there.  But hey sitting in semi fresh water keeps the bottom clean.