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Dayspring - Golden Harvest. FR.198.

Dayspring -  Golden Harvest.  FR.198.

blawn  ashore  alongside   Kilmallie  shinty  pitch  in   recent  gale, bit  o'  a  job  t'  get  aff  again  methinks, maybe  better  left  fir  firewid  to  the  locals

    Better nae let Liam and his chums near it faither , could be a menace like his uncle William wiz
    one thing in her favour, shes picked a good bit to go onto.
    big strong boat,fine chance to get her seen too,below the waterline.
    jcb. dig a trench, next big tide fingers crossed off she comes.
    Where is Kilmallie in the Inverness firth!? - Only ever heard o it on the shinty reults!
    At Caol near Ft William

    Will taylor
    Feb 21 2012 05:04 PM
    Did she get off ok?
    no she is still far up the shore a 12-man liferaft from the vessel was inflated and then removed by coastguard team. People have been warned to keep away from her and If they cant get her off the shore she could be broken up.
    easy 2 get her off next big tides dig a big hole with a bulldozer and wen tide floods pull her in2 it
    you would have dig right into the loch , its to shallow for a fair bit
    you could just get one of these coasters heading into corpach to pull her off

    Will taylor
    Feb 21 2012 10:36 PM
    What a shame. Got my fingers crossed for her.