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Aquinis BA 500

Aquinis  BA 500

    Dec 07 2011 03:29 PM
    lol aye even gayer now stevie fingers owns half or he might just rent it per week like his fancy cars lmfao

    Dec 07 2011 04:47 PM
    lol deserves all he gets  8:)

    Dec 07 2011 05:20 PM
    ha well you should see his crew at the queenies a blast fae the past they need tae winched on wae their walking sticks  8:) ;D ;)

    Dec 07 2011 05:29 PM
    aye a would say sae u on a queenie boat gw

    Dec 07 2011 06:08 PM
    aye yir rite there gw had a few hairy moments 8:)

    homeward bound
    Dec 07 2011 07:08 PM
    ;) ;D3 8:) ;) ;D  ;)

    Dec 07 2011 07:57 PM
    nice one gw we adopted an ayrsire saying 30 years ago.it was pish aye scrubbers pish

    two cheeks rubbing
    Dec 07 2011 08:26 PM
    aye yer rite dougie he talks sum pish!!!!!! 8:)

    Willie wan tooth
    Dec 07 2011 11:25 PM
    Aye ye were born alright ye big lump o wind an pish ,canna fan fishing ma crewmans in Glasgow !!! Aye rite , probs still trying to get yer breeks clean fae what a heard GW,

    Willie wan tooth
    Dec 07 2011 11:39 PM
    Still awake big man , oops still at hame in yer wee boat ,