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Built at Wick as the Royal Burgh

    What's the contraption foreside o' wheelhouse?
    Built by Alexanders Wick as Royal Burgh for Wm Shearer (Billie Ca)

    Dec 02 2011 03:25 PM
    was wondering myself geebee   what  that is as the  coiler   in the useful place for that error of this.

    young ronnie
    Dec 02 2011 04:48 PM
    Looks like old fashioned speakers on a sound system..piped music for the lads on deck maybe? 8:)
    is the contraption not just ventilator heads facing forwards?
    and looks like 3 skips stuck in the handrail between them..?
    Maybe it's the prototype o' yon fancy hand driers ye see in the lavvies o' the big shoppin' centres. And here was me, thinkin' these "old salts" were as hard as nails. Safties!! Probably rubbed yon fancy Norwegian cream on their hannies, afore the winch went into "fast gear"! Probably the start o' the "Pampered Deckies"!!
    That's my line shot .. fine fresh bait .. we'll see fit happens fan we start to haul!!! ;) 8:) ;)

    young ronnie
    Dec 03 2011 11:29 AM
    Yer line's had an overnight soak and still no as much as a single fish on it....barren grund ye shot her on this time min 8:)
    Ach, Ronnie ... think we'll leave her anither tide. Maybe a skate ha'in' a sniff, as we speak.

    young ronnie
    Dec 03 2011 02:11 PM
    It's no a skate that's sniffin' George,jist a big daft haddie...me 8:) ;)

    Dec 03 2011 03:16 PM
    The last I saw... the DEVERONSIDE, she was lying at the pier at Aultbea in Loch Ewe in a fairly poor state,a good 30 years ago, but then she was an old boat even then wi at least a 35 year working life behind her, If we,re lucky enough, we a get that way .... 8:)