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New Launch

New Launch

Maureen WK270 being launched at Nobles yard FR 1963

    As bonny a "Launching" photo as ye could ever see!! Great!
    She was still on the go doon the sw Scotland as the Crimson Arrow.  8:)

    Will taylor
    Dec 02 2011 07:56 PM
    Superb photo, Ben Loyal.
    will says it all

    Dec 03 2011 03:59 PM
    Interestingly, left of the "Maureen" can be seen part of the hull and superstructure of the Broch Sea Cadets' "Training Ship" the "Gowanlea", a former Motor Torpedo Boat I think, and by then engineless. Lying alongside her is a naval pinnace, used for training in seamanship by the cadets and their officers; lying alongside the pinnace is the "Roamer" a speedboat built largely of plywood by Jimmy Garden, a carpenter who worked at Jimmy Noble's boatyard and who was also an officer in the Sea Cadets. The "Roamer "was quite a boat in her day, powered by an outboard motor and was painted red and white/cream.
    In the background below the Lighthouse, can be seen part of the little kippering kiln which belonged for years to "Victor the Pole" and his wife Rosie and to the left again part of McConnachie's canning factory with their kippering kiln.