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Girl Pat

Girl Pat

Famous or infamous boat Girl Pat,this image was taken at Scrabster i believe after she came back to the UK from her voyage across the world,interesting story

    Nov 26 2011 08:31 AM
    The story of the GIRL PAT is indeed a very interesting story, and the exploits o her skipper, former Buckie man Dod Osborne, same name as present chancellor.I read the book some time ago,and was amazed at the distance he travelled and countries he visited to get fuel and stores, usually leaving without paying. He and his 3 crew...there were origanally 4 but  one jumped ship in Africa...even spent some time on the notorious Devils Island off the North American coast,apparently being very well treated. I didnt know that the boat eventually got back here and wondered what happened to her.. I also would like to find out where she  was built, cos in one of the few photies in the book 8:) ;), she looks like a Forbes of Sandhaven build..
    k ;)

    Barry McCrindle
    Nov 26 2011 08:49 AM
    here's a bit about her [ftp]http://www.stoursail...df/Girl_Pat.pdf[/ftp]

    young ronnie
    Nov 26 2011 01:00 PM
    Wonder what he was doing in Scrabster? If she was on her wey back tae Grimsby fae the West Indies was it,they were just a wee tad oot in their landfall.They were surely using the sixpenny atlas tae navigate wi' again were they no? 8:) I see in Barry's link that after she came home she was put on show round various ports for charity,so maybe this is her "on tour".
    Yes Ronnie think that was when this photo was taken,i was led to believe that she was goin roond the coast after she came back to the UK 8:), she would have had proper charts by then i suppose.  ;)

    baggiwrinkle, I could be wrong but i think it said in the book that she and another of the same were built at Lowestoft.

    Nov 26 2011 05:53 PM
    Thank you boys for all that additional information, very mutch appreciated, cos I must confess that i,m a bit o an anorak when it comes to a story like that  8:) :)t..