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Reliance BF 800

Reliance BF 800

    dear me she needs a paint
    never off the sea long enough for the paint t dry
    i yr na jokin er sandy,but she will be this weekend crap cast en big tide im having whole weekend off na going away till tuesday  8:) ;) ;)
    you feelin a'rite jake havin a full weekend aff till tues lol

    ken fit you mean john think we will no be movin till tues

    but we wil be stoppin tea time fri  8:) ;)

    Nov 25 2011 09:12 PM
    Some would say takes you till tuesday to start moving anyway jimmy  8:)
    i jammy en lookin at the cast the noo it mite be wed nite at earliest,2/3trips to go en santa time
    dinna know far the years gone