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Peaceful Waters CN237

Peaceful Waters CN237

Is that a young "scratcher" hosing for a "young fox"?  No coconuts
James MacNab collection

    "hose them into the box davie son get more weight in them "
    I would say thats the crechan wi the hose John,he was hose man aboard. I can remember 1 day at the cock the 2 of us were at the winch shooting the wires when the cutters rib was trying 2 get aboard,probably missed the marks laughing when he was roaring at them , get to f*** or ill put the hose on youse  :) dont remember if they came back for a while , he'll maybe come back himself .
    got chased one day at the red light and it wisna the hose never back since ask the fox
    I crechan,i can just imagine,i know fine the the fox was embarresd.

    quiet waters
    Dec 01 2008 01:09 PM
    i take it james hasna access to a pc when your loading his collection?  i had a nice wee chat wae him last time i was in TT, i asked him how kenny was doin and he just shook his heid, no idea what he meant?
    i was roakin thru paperwork in my mothers a while back and came across a certificate for a navigation course i did wae doogal mcCallum, kenny and bomba used to come down to the toon hall every sunday mornin for the course, i remember it being a good laugh and some of it must have stuck with some of those there as they all went on to be successful skippers, one or two like james and tommy finn already were of course, but even me being the teachers pet cos he taught me in school i think in the long run i ended up the dunce oota that class,
    well i am sittin on my erse in the hoose while the rest are all still at sea in command of their ain boats, depends how you look at it? good day to be at sea the day, nae wind, sun shining, wee bit frost, but when i look oot the winda on a poor day then i'm the lucky one. hope everywan is gettin them good the day!!!!

    johntar tt10
    Dec 01 2008 03:44 PM
    I upload the pics for him as he has'nt got a scanner QW, now he has them on his laptop, sends the pics up in batches and the instructions of course up with my daughter who is married to his son, great collection he has, great of him to share.

    quiet waters
    Dec 02 2008 02:36 AM
    i'll take it they had to listen to all the same crap me and the wife had to put up with at our wedding about the joining of two fishing families blah blah blah, i had a sore heid fae grinning inanely like a cheshire cat to please all the auld yins, when i got the boat i came ashore one day to find the wife's grandfather in tears, pretending he wisna, he thought i'd named the boat because the original had belonged to him and cecil and they sold it to my old man, nah, i just liked the name, but it made him happy to think otherwise so i just agreed with him, he was very old school, had been at sea before the war, spent seven years in plaster after a troop train he was on got bombed and he broke his back, still went back to sea for more than twenty years after the war, different breed of man, they don't make them like that now, haven't in a long long time.