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Comfort. FR.965.

Comfort.  FR.965.

Sunk  by  a  British  destroyer  at  Dunkirk  c.May.1940

    thats some port nav. light...

    Nov 18 2011 09:53 PM
    ROTCHE  FR 967 I think was her number, was built to replace her. About the only fishing boat built for fishing during the war years. I was aboard her for one week, five weeks before she was run down and sunk in Mallaig Bay by the STROMA, ex STEPHENS FR 156, with the sad loss of two lives.. :-
    Aye  Baden  ats  richt  i  tried  to  pit  on  the  Rotche bit  the  prog  said  i'd  already uploaded it.that  has happened  a  few  times  wie  me.
    Change the name faither and word it different , should upload all right then