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Mary Jane. BF.180;

Mary Jane. BF.180;

Mary Jane  BF.180
Nae a verra  big  yawl  for  that job in  winter

    Good auld photos Willie  :-
    is the engine forward there?:-
    looks like an exhaust below the F. in BF. reg.
    donkey engine up front for the capstan maybe?
    could be mark,
    im not seeing a lum anywhere, forrit or aft for heating/cooking,unless its behind the man leaning on themast?
    just noticed where his starboard navigation light is ,,, halfway up the side of the wheelhouse, below window level...
    Belonged to Alexanders, Gamrie. Exhaust probably a wet system on port side.

    young ronnie
    Nov 19 2011 02:51 PM
    Going by the size of the poop,maybe she's got a caibin eft and the lum's hiding behind the crutch? Either that or she's got a diesel stove and fire :-

    Mike Craine
    Jul 21 2013 08:40 PM
    MARY JANE BF180, built  1931 Stephen, Banff owner Alex Alexanders, Gardenstown. She was at the Manx herring fishery when built.