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Jenna Maree BF 48

Jenna Maree  BF 48

    Used to be one of the best kept boats in the fleet... :-
    dirty boats a busy boat
    dirty boats a busy boat? ian duthies ocean reaper is never off the sea and shes like a new pin. work that out.
    dirty boat has a lazy crew and an owner that doesnt care about appearance.
    easy now,too each his own!!
    very harsh words from you nicky ... theres me thinkin you were a fine easy goin chap as well.... :-

    Nov 02 2011 08:42 PM
    I ken the skipper o that boat quite weel, sailed wi him in anither boat many moons ago, and I sometimes worry aboot how concerned and worried he gets aboot his boat,  Now in the interests of openness and transparency, this post has absolutely nothing to do with that big boil o prawns and fry o lemon sole that I got fae him last spring.... :-
    harsh but true, if anyone aboard a boat was that bothered about rust or mud makin a sotter they could soon clean it. being busy or not has nothing to do with it. its no disrespect to anybody, you wont catch anymore with a clean boat than with a dirty one.
    aye aye nicky.

    Nov 02 2011 11:10 PM
    and hae u been allow in duths?
    well the dubs and the rust is no longer that owners problem now!!