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June Rose AH45

June Rose AH45

Leaving Peterheid efter a pent

    You would think its a model boat  in that photo.

    bryan DE127
    Oct 31 2011 10:02 PM
    She was a right bonnie boat we the auld wheelhouse Billie, I liked the name and the rose thet used to be painted just under the windows, and she was always bonnie grained :-
    If I could turn the clock back I would never have had her decommissioned.
    Seemed the right thing to do at the the time.... :-

    Nov 01 2011 12:01 AM
    Ay bryan DE 127, that wheelhouse..caison, finished up on the BRITTINIA  BF 178 when I was aboard her in 19 75, during the big blocade, and was in very good condition.. Bill Tait..steel fabricators did the job... :-
    A radar reflector up the foremast, but nae sign o' a radar! Hey' "baggywrinkle", there's a fine one for you.!! Used to deliver grub and chandlery to the boats 50 yrs ago... seen some "middens", some "passable", some "clean" ... this one was always "immaculate". Even the Rangers badge was shining!!!
    Nae Radar! At least there is a TV Ariel....hae to get the priorities right  :-
    great photo billie what a cracker
    Laid ower the broadside to watch the fitba'... What a life!
    As bonny a hull shot as ye would see.

    bryan DE127
    Nov 01 2011 08:23 PM
    Aye Baggywrinkle the auld caisan came back home a good few times as John Murray  worked the Britannia out of Arbroath for a few winters at the prawns.
    Cheers Brendan, long time no hear.  
    Pity there was no ropes to be seen on the deck, we used to go to some bother the last haul to make sure the ropes stood up straight and were stowed as neatly as possible.
    If it was a scabby day making ashore and your side of ropes moved a wee bit because you had not lashed them tightly enough you hung your head in shame and got slagged off for weeks and weeks because of it!
    I'll have to have a look up the loft and dig some more pictures out.