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sink or swim

sink or swim

hmm what tailing crap in the clyde will do to a man

    Oct 29 2011 12:05 AM
    take it you rescued him cos you only catch big prawns what boat's he from  O0
    seeing he's no lifejacket on either  :- good laugh untill. . . . .
    didna know he was doin it till he showed me the photo ian

    well we certain were no catchin big feck all this week how did you fair yourself hector
    feel like that up north.ur weather looks good tho
    your doin that well ...the men are climbing aboard raring to go! :-
    that ,ll gi the MCA pric*s  more ideas fir courses fir us all,, how ti dangle fi the erse o a boat safely while towin  O0  the,ll make a 3 day course fi that yin  :(   :-
    it will come under single handed boat operations davy and be about 800 quid a head . coming to a port near you soon. :-

    young ronnie
    Oct 30 2011 02:00 PM
    Talk aboot one upmanship...the rest o' us hae fridge magnets,James has stick on spare deckies on his transom...ye can aye tell the men that make the money that's a fact :-

    homeward bound
    Oct 30 2011 02:10 PM
    :- O0
    awe c'mon ronnie you are thinking away above my capabilites would no be able ot look at some o you old flas

    young ronnie
    Oct 30 2011 05:29 PM
    Aye I hear ye James,dinnae believe ye but I hear ye :-