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Scarlet Cord III - H334 & CHRISTINE NEILSON - GY298

Scarlet Cord III - H334 & CHRISTINE NEILSON - GY298

Scarlet Cord III - H334 and  CHRISTINE NEILSON - GY298seen here in North Shields Fishquay, sometime around the late 1970s or early 1980s.

Boat to her starboard looks like Christine Welser - SY 298? - Natone confirm this?

    there was a christine neilsen that was gy reg'd steve sank a few year ago
    Yep that's the one in the photo, reg was GY298.
    christine nielsen inside boat skipper cliff ellis one of the top skippers at the seine net
    scarlet chord lh334,belonged port seton
    Thanks to all for identifying the boat - another shining example of the expertise and knowledge amongst the members on this site  :)


    Steve E.

    thats very very possibly me in the picture as a bairn!
    Christine Nielson GY298 built Esbjerg 1975,sank 18/03/01 120 miles NE of the Tyne,crew of 3 rescued from liferaft by rescue helicopter.Kevan Caffery was skipper/owner at that time,he now operates the anchor/seiner Christianborg,cheers for now.
    Hi Davey

    This was the MAIB Report into the sinking of the Christine Nielson:

    MAIB publishes report into Christine Nielsen.

    M2 PRESSWIRE-16 November 2001-UK Government: MAIB publishes report into Christine Nielsen ©1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD


    The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) today published the report of its investigation into the flooding and foundering of the fishing vessel Christine Nielsen (GY 298). The accident occurred 120 miles north-east of the River Tyne on 18 March 2001.

    SYNOPSIS On 18 March 2001, the MAIB was notified that a fishing vessel had suffered substantial flooding and had sunk 120 miles north-east of the River Tyne. An investigation began that day.

    The North Shields steel fishing vessel Christine Nielsen was fishing 120 miles north-east of the River Tyne when her nets became fast on the seabed. While the crew were trying to haul back the starboard net, a hydraulic pipe from the winch to the hydraulic motor burst.

    All three crew spent the following several hours on deck replacing the burst section of pipe, leaving the wheelhouse with its alarm and communications systems unattended during this period at sea.

    While they were on deck, the vessel suffered substantial flooding to the engine room. The flooding was not discovered until one of the crewmen went down into the engine room for a section of hydraulic hose. By then the level of floodwater was well above the engine room floor plates. With the engine room in virtual darkness, because of the failure of the 24 volt electrical system, it was not possible to locate and open the valve in the bilge valve chest to operate the engine-driven bilge pumps.

    After unsuccessful attempts were made to regain power to the 24 volt electrical system and to transmit a "Mayday", the crew abandoned the vessel into the liferaft. Christine Nielsen capsized soon after.

    Shortly after boarding the liferaft the crew managed to activate the Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) which they had taken with them from the vessel. Three hours later they were rescued from the liferaft by a coastguard rescue helicopter.

    One, or a combination of the following factors caused Christine Nielsen's loss: - A breach in the hull plating.

    -- Failure of a non-return valve in an overboard discharge, resulting in back- flooding.

    -- Engine room seawater piping failure due to erosion/corrosion.

    Contributory causes were: - Leaving the wheelhouse unattended for approximately eight hours.

    -- The probable lack of a watertight bulkhead between the engine room and cabin.

    The investigation has resulted in a recommendation to the skipper/owner of the vessel to ensure that the wheelhouse is manned at all times at sea on any future vessel for which he is responsible.

    RECOMMENDATION Mr K C Caffery, the owner/skipper of Christine Nielsen is recommended to: 1. Ensure that he does not allow the wheelhouse on any vessel for which he is responsible, to be left unattended when at sea.
    hi lads the neilson was the last boat i worked on in shields.I was the decky/engineer she was good boat to work and some good times as well. I left wen kevin got her could have stopped but went up to scotland to work and norway then iceland . :cheers: