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Shemaron aug 2011

    Smashing picture Chris
    Hi Chris, agree with Ringnetman, nice one, did you leave Fiona in charge while you were in the rubber one? :cheers:

    Pic taken from the yacht  Sunart, we were passing Davaar on the way to Balycastle
    How glorious to see a ringer charging about, she looks great Chris.
    Looks like she has a good long foc'sle on her
    I think there would be a few moist eyes if any old hands were watching her.
    Isn't it possible to get an authentic wheelhouse?
    Got a plan to get a replica wheelhouse made next year, as long as I still have an income from my recession hit , taxed to with an inch of it's life transport business , be good if I could have some of this Quantitatave  easing
    It was a lovely sight to see the ringers in Whitby loaded with the herring  and down to the numbers and just perfectly balanced, going down in the water with a perfect trim, hence my comments about a long foc'sle.
    The bogie looks a long way aft.
    The Midas WY.157 was like that and she had the most comfortable and dry cabin, I never saw as much as a bucket o water on the floor.
    Now the Golden Hope's cabin was sometimes like a swimming pool.
    The men that built these wonderful ringers knew what they were doing, we will never see the like again, the love and pride that the builders put into them and the same affection that the skippers and crews had for their boats and the way they kept them up.
    The fishermen of today are the poorer for not knowing those times, Lord knows I would not like to be trying to make a living at the sea these days, the poor buggers simply cannot afford to spend the time to look around and take in the atmosphere, mind the atmosphere is not there these days, I salute them and wish em all the very best, and don't let the bastards grind you down.!!
    I take my hat off to them and salute em, hanging on to their heritage

    Hugh Paterson
    Oct 28 2011 11:26 PM
    Very nice paint job, be happy if I get a similar finish to that ( but its gonna be darker)
    Be good to see pics of ocean gem

    Oct 29 2011 08:14 PM
    Excellent comment, Bob Allen  , I couldent agree more ,  well said.. :-