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Last o' the South fishings.

Last  o'  the  South fishings.

Just  after  landing  300+ crans  o'  herrin'
Starcrest.  PD.114.
Faithful.II.    PD.67.
Trident.     PD.111.
Accord.     PD.90.

    Is that thye trident that was lost?
    Yes thats the one -she was at the clydeherring  that summer then the isle of man herring. Lost heading home end of season I think.

    bryan DE127
    Sep 23 2011 10:12 PM
    Its hard to grasp a boat of her size and bulk would be lost with all hands running not far off the land going home to paint.

    Manx Venture
    Sep 23 2011 10:14 PM
    av got pics of her down here at IOM herring