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Quiet Waters and Evening Star

Quiet Waters and Evening Star

Old Quay Campbeltown, about 1964, two future coaltar, David Allan Shaw aged 4, future crewman of Jasmine CN110 and bluetoon fishery officer, Scourie fishfarmer and editor of Scottish Fishing Weekly and Douglas Boyd Shaw, crewman on Jasmine, Girl Zena and Quiet Waters CN 45, aged about se'ven.
the two men in the background are bending over, the late Dougald "nye aye" Shaw and seated with the fag in his mooth, my late father John Allan Murray Shaw. aged about thirty.

    quiet waters
    Aug 09 2009 03:28 PM

    JUNE 1958 - AUGUST 9TH 2009



    DCI paterson
    Aug 09 2009 03:55 PM
    will be sadly missed.a good friend tragically taken from us.r.i.p bud.
    My best  "Duggie" memory was the time we were watching tv on the QW (Richard & Judy probably  :police:). R & J were talking about something in the kitchen of the TV set, and  standing behind a very large jug of water. As we were watching, the boat took a roll, and Duggie lept up to "catch" the jug of water. I've seen anyone laugh so hard and for so long. Priceless

    quiet waters
    Aug 28 2009 01:51 AM
    probably the only day to compare it with was listening to howard's fart mask routine the time his "niece" was out with him, duggie would laugh so much that you would actally wet yourself, he would have had us all pissing ourselves at his funeral, we were sitting in the argyll after the burial and his son douglas was telling us that he'd bought a 300 suit for his fathers funeral, he lives in oban and had been in town all week making arrangements, he went back up to oban on the wednesday to collect the suit from the shop, no suit, he was assured it would arrive that day so he waited till 6pm and the suit never appeared, so he hadn't a suit to wear at his father'd funeral, with this kecka appeared and mentioned a suit duggie himself had bought this year, it would appear that back in januuary duggie had gone to oban to buy a suit for a funeral, who's funeral? MY fucking funeral, i wasn't even dead and he is off buying suits, worse still, i didn't die so he never got to wear the suit, i suggested they should have buried him in it, he would get plenty wear out it now. with that douglas senior nudges me and says weesht about suits, this is one of doogie's (his brother, the oldest of the three my old man being the middle one) doogie has been deid ten years!!! so i says to him, "this is naw my suit either" due to the meds i'm on my weight ballooned after losing three stone in hospital, so i had to borrow a suit off my brother in law, so there ye go, three of us hadn't a suit for the funeral we were at and the only man with a suit was duggie who we'd buried and his suit had been bought for the funeral of someone, ME, and i didn't die so he never got to wear it. i went to glasgow two days later and guess wot the wife made me buy?
    You're a hell of a man for one man QW. I could just see you get frog-marched off to Glasgow.