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Bonny Lines

Bonny Lines

Find me a modern boat with lines this good.  You've got to raise a large glass to those guys back then, built by eye, with little or nothing in the way of power tools.  Seeing this angle again has definitely rekindled my desire to get her sorted proper.  In remarkably good shape for the years of neglect.  lifted without spreaders, just a very quiet groan as she came up but took it in her stride.
Seams had been sealed with a lot of cement in the mix, too hard and brittle so no wonder a fair bit has fell out.  No rot below the water line, one plank on the point of springing so gonna renail the whole lot, rake out, bang a heap of fresh oakum in and red lead/putty it all over the winter.  couple of frame heads & the rail took a right battering where we left her against the wall a fortnight back, so that needs sorting, the hull will be pretty much tip top again then.  Just the gang hut/conservatory to deal with and the small matter of an engine to either replace or rebuild

    Very nice thanks, any build details, history etc??
    wheres this taken Mark
    Took it Thursday just after the lift out. Friars goose on the tyne
    Glad you got her lifted Mark as you say great lines not like todays boxes but rules force designs  ;)

    Hugh Paterson
    Oct 28 2011 11:35 PM
    Aye very nice....have fun, if u get bored and want to w/e in weegie let me know im caulking Ocean Gem above the waterline...... feel free to practise on her har har
    if you find a cheap source of oakum feel free to share it!

    whitby diver
    Oct 29 2011 02:45 PM
    mark if ur boat is at the goose ave a word with john noble he has gear all over the place also have u tried gun cotton for corking works just as well just a thought  might be worth a try  :- O0 :( :(

    whitby diver
    Oct 29 2011 08:44 PM
    just found this en flea bay 5 pounds brown oakum calking3/8 $24.99 sellers info is gnldesigns (10528) dunno if thats cheap or not as im out of the loop now but i thought i would still pass the info on to you. :- O0