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Ben Roy - SN128, aavh & Ben Lora - SN43

Ben Roy - SN128,  	aavh & Ben Lora - SN43

Ben Roy - SN128,   aavh & Ben Lora - SN43 seen here in the Albert Edward Dock - now Royal Quays Marina, North Shields. Photograph taken sometime between the late 1970s and the early 1980s.

Anyone like to make a guess at the boat in the middle?

    Martin Johns
    Nov 28 2008 07:34 PM
    The middle one may be Ben Glas - SN 41 Steve. Just a guess really as she was identical to Ben Lora & these look the same.
    I remember seeing Ben Roy down here on the Mackerel when she was quite new. An impressive boat !
    I really like all your old North Shields photos btw.
    Do you, by any chance have any of Bernd - SN 104 ?
    My dad bought her from North Shields in 1978.
    Thanks for having a stab at naming her - I'm sure I took the photographs when the Ben Boats had been laid up in the Albert Eddie for quite a few years - thus the fading names and paint work  :)

    If I have a photograph of the boat, you will see it here but the name doesn't ring any bells. You may however see it in the background of one of the shots.


    Steve E.

    Martin Johns
    Nov 28 2008 07:42 PM
    OK thanks Steve.  :)
    the middle one looks like the Ben Glas,her and the Ben Lora went out to spain and fished there for a good few years