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bloody hell

bloody hell

It was only a wee nick as well but it was fairly pouring out...the place was looking like a feckin' slaughter hoose.The joys of getting old and the blood starting to thin I suppose.(and it wasnae the genuine blue stuff either,just common red lol)

    Manicure gone wrong YR?   ;)
    well you will pick your nose wi yir pinkie just efter youve trimmed yir nostril hairs, thir jist like sharp wire ;)
    Looks like you slit your throat ronnie  ;) ;) ;)

    young ronnie
    Aug 31 2011 09:10 PM
    Just as well I wasnae working a wee bit further South then Mack,things could very well have turned nasty...might have lost a pint of the red stuff...as Hancock said "that's very near an armful"  ;)
    bloody hell ronnie,, thats like the front o ma t shirt efter a good night on the port ;) ,, frame that hanki it a future art masterpeice  ;)

    young ronnie
    Aug 31 2011 09:51 PM
    Aye Davie,Tracey Emin's manky bed was a big hit so I'm sure that hankie would be in wi' a shout...probably get the Turner prize for it ;)