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Sapphire stone

Sapphire stone

Sapphire Stone in Campbeltown aug 2011

    Aug 30 2011 07:28 PM
    Its good that she s still on the go, although I dinna think she would be a very comfortable boat in poor weather, wi the accomodation being forrit. There was three of that boats built, almost identical in Forbes yard in Sandhaven, that one ,the ARTEMIS  FR 15 , and one for the Boris net Company of Fleetwood, but I canna mind her name . The ARTEMIS was lost on the rocks west of Cullen. while making passage ,either to or from the canal while still quite new. All crew safe.. ;)

    Aug 30 2011 07:36 PM
    Ive jist remembered the name o the Fleetwood boat, its MARITAN.. ;)
    This one was the Kathleen for Stornoway, Baden. Avenger BF101 was a bit different, had more innovations, but the same basic idea. Nae like you to hae a "senior moment" on the aul' stuff!!!!

    two cheeks rubbing
    Aug 30 2011 10:03 PM
    wud the Maritan be the vessel that sandy ritchie had from musselburgh?
    probably was the maritan remember her in eyemouth

    caveat emptor
    Aug 30 2011 11:40 PM
    Tattie Bill had it in PD for a spell, was at the shrimps at the Fladdens, Tynedrafters were dodging while Tattie Bill was towing over the broadside..... ;)
    sandie   worked  the  maritan  out  of  eyemoth  for  a  while  !

    Aug 31 2011 01:14 PM
    this old girl,s seen a bit of work in her day!!  a good splash of paint would do no harm indeed!!  im betting she,s been in the thick of it all by the sounds!!!
    Maritan was in Buckie for awhile Sinclair Anderson had her then
    Jim Bowie of Buckie (ex Crannoch) skippered Maritan for a while, till he suffered a serious accident, falling aboard her from the pier, one "back o' Sunday" in Peterhead. Jim was a gentleman in every way .. a very decent, Christian man.