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Willie mending a wee tearing

Willie mending a wee tearing

A young Willie Dickson mending ring net aboard Evelyn, Anne Marie alongside

    young ronnie
    Nov 28 2008 02:43 PM
    Tarbert lads were well known for aye being up for a"wee terr" wir they no John? lol

    johntar tt10
    Nov 28 2008 02:46 PM
    aye Ron, speaking for mysel " those were the days now its night".
    See Eric lying in here today, while since he has been down here is it no?

    young ronnie
    Nov 28 2008 02:51 PM
    He surely took a wrong turning some wey John,either that or he kens something we dinnae ken !!

    johntar tt10
    Nov 28 2008 03:07 PM
    Don't know when he came in, but lying there this morning, so nothing doing further N?
    Jamie Duncan telt me this morning when I asked whit was doing further North,
    put on poor mooth and played the standard cd, near needed a kitchen roll to wipe away the tears I felt that sorry fur him but thats par for the course here.
    Big Lachie the training officer must be running poor mooth mumpin classes cos their really par-excelanty at putting on the poor mooth nothing doing false face, bring a tear to a glass eye so they wid !!!! Thought MacLeod was good a mumper as ye wid get but even he cannae whack the younger generation.

    young ronnie
    Nov 28 2008 03:20 PM
    Many many offspring(masel' included)came fae Tam Peffer's loins John....he fathered a hoora dose o' lads ower the years,and they a' went tae the fishing.There were mair o' his faimily at the job than George Washington's that's for sure !!

    quiet waters
    Nov 28 2008 04:06 PM
    a cross between the coalman and lachie wid be hard to beat, that would even get me reaching in my pocket, now thats just a ridiculous statement, i've never put my hand in my pocket for anything or anyone!!!
    lachie's sister in law maureen, dan's widow baked me the biggest cream cake you ever saw last week, it was two and a half foot by a foot and six inches deep, filled with cream and blackberry jam, and guess who was the only one told he wasn't allowed a bit? aye that'll be right, it was delivered to the door on the friday night by her sister margaret, my sisters mother in law, for me and the wife's 25th, it was no more by lunchtime saturday, diabetic or naw diabetic, nothing was stopping me having more than my share, the wife made the mistake of going to glasgow on the saturday and leaving me and the cake in the same hoose, best thing i tasted in many years, see what reaction i get if i just say maureen's cake to my two sitting here? they are sitting saying "monies' cake, mmmmm, yummy!!!"
    wid bring a smile even to lachie's soor pooss, poor lad, used to have a good sense of humour too!!!

    johntar tt10
    Nov 28 2008 06:09 PM
    Mmmm smackin ma lips, Billy Bunter greedy, want ma fair share, springs tae mind over that cream cake
    That pics been on a few calenders over the years JT

    quiet waters
    Nov 28 2008 07:25 PM
    a king among cakes, murray said he'd willingly pay 2.80 for his slice, where he got that figure from i know not?
    how is mr dickson keeping these days? he was a king among fishermen in his day, a real gent, my old fla had a lot of time for him and he never said that aboot many

    johntar tt10
    Nov 28 2008 09:00 PM
    Aye Donald, gonnae tell WD he is on www an famous now, probably get a kick in the erse