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feeding time at the zoo lol

feeding time at the zoo lol

breakfast haha

    Call that a steak ? .  How would you like your Steak Sir ?  Cut it's horns off , and wipe it's arse, Mate.  ;) ;)

    young ronnie
    Aug 11 2011 12:15 PM
    That's no the main course,it's just a wee starter tae get his taste buds going ;)
    remember there,s a recession lads  ;)  jist a wee 3 punder snack  ;) ;) ;)

    young ronnie
    Aug 11 2011 01:18 PM
    I would assume that the three pund was just the weight o' the steak and didnae include the chips? ;)
    correct ;)   a need some greens ti liven ma plate up,, a kin exactly the  man ha ;) ;)

    young ronnie
    Aug 11 2011 03:55 PM
    For the love o' peety dinnae you gaun and mention green tae him or you'll hae him rattling the bars o' the cage again...we've only just got him quietened doon fae the last time ;)
    that wid dae me the wife an twa bairns you should be on man versus food uk version ;)
    Every time i look at this pic ma mooth starts to drool,big juicy steaks for saturdays supper i think  ;)
    Caw that a steak, kin some lauds wid think that a slice o smoked back haha !
    that and a roll o stornaway black pudd an am  stuffed ha  ;) ;)