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242 on the medium wave

242 on the medium wave

Troon 1966 Myself on the right and younger cousin Robert who was through with his father "Big Rob" for a holliday on the Bonnie Lass when we were working for Radio Scotland.

    " So beat the ban and join the clan, on swinging 242 " sprang to mind when I
    saw this photo !!!!!

    young ronnie
    Nov 28 2008 05:54 PM
    Another one showing his age !!....Stuart Henry,Bob Spencer,Jack McLaughlin,Mel Howard,Alan Black,and a lassie called Cathie were a few of the DJs and "Flash" the galley boy are some of the names that spring to mind.Some of the progs (Stuart and Cathie's)were taped at the studio in Cranworth Street in Glasgow,the rest were live.They werenae well paid and the living conditions aboard the ship(ex lightship "Comet")were gey rough to say the least...certainly wasnae 5 star luxury although the grub was fairly good and plenty of it.
    Not that old !!!!
    I were but a youngster, still at school, but I do remember those days with the
    "trani" under the bedclothes listening to Radio Scotland and also 270 Scarborough
    and Radio Caroline (North).

    young ronnie
    Nov 28 2008 10:13 PM
    The days when a "tranny" was a wee radio,whereas now....!!  I've still got my first tranny(a Vantone) that cost four quid in 1962 and it still works...a great invention in its day right enough.
    I can remember getting mine from "Woolies" with money I got for my birthday.
    Wos about the same size a the mobile phones about 10 years ago in a brown leather case and with an earpiece ( top of the range ).
    Think battery was included in those days as well !!
    Don't know what happened to it tho'.
    I joined the army in 1967 and a lot of my stuff disappeared including photos
    taken when on holiday in PD.
    The only ones that I have left are my favourites which are on the "other site"
    plus some my father took.
    Happy days !!

    young ronnie
    Nov 28 2008 10:53 PM
    Mine was a reward for passing the "11 plus" or "qualifying" as it was known then,before going into the "big school" as the secondary was called.Aye,childhood was the greatest time of our lives,but we didn't realise it back then ...by the time we did it was too late,it was gone lol

    Nov 28 2008 11:06 PM
    landluber-there`s young lads on here that may not understand what you really mean by being under the bed clothes with a tranny-you`ll get yerself a bad name LOL! :)

    young ronnie
    Nov 28 2008 11:15 PM
    Only YOU would have thought of that....sometimes I wonder what's in that mind of yours,then I think to myself "don't even think of going there" lol

    Nov 28 2008 11:26 PM
    well you come from a more innocent time where you could listen to pirate radio on a tranny-i come from in between that time and the modern `tranny`that shaves more than his chin,wears high heels,bright red lipstick-and still drinks pints. as for my mind-when i`m thinking logically it`s much akin to a salvador dali painting-amusing but not a lot of sense.

    quiet waters
    Nov 28 2008 11:37 PM
    he lost me when he claimed he wasn't that old then goes on to say he joined the army in 67, i joined the primary school in first year in 67 so if he's honest it makes him at least as old as ronnie if not older!!!!

    jack mclaughlin is the name i was trying to remember elsewhere i think? i think i'm right in saying he has CN links, did he present thingimagig? did he work on westsound? might be two different people, think it was the guy who ran westsound that has CN connections, but jack is he naw the man we have to blame for fran and anna?