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pansy potter

pansy potter

boring the tide

    12 knts?>:(
    ok for boring the tide..
    what type of vessel?

    johntar tt10
    Jul 14 2011 07:33 AM
    Far too far off Eddie, thought you would of known you need to be able to piss ashore to bore the tide down there.  >:(
    Like Rudder cannae understand the 11.9kt if your boring it or is it the case were you bored?  >:(

    homeward bound
    Jul 14 2011 07:48 AM
    sw wind jt , gave the shore a berth, didnae want to be late for the entertainment in the ailsa !!! >:( , see the new one at KC has a few problems

    johntar tt10
    Jul 14 2011 01:37 PM
    Still got problems with bow doors as far as I know Eddie
    I wonder what the old ringer skippers would have made of these plotters, Raymarine and others, when they were charging about lochs and sounds in gales o wind and blizzards o snow and couldn't see a boat length, only their local knowledge and wits to keep em safe

    homeward bound
    Jul 14 2011 09:11 PM
    sadly times have moved on bob, how many boats carry admiralty charts, parallel rulers and dividers ?,most boats today are solely reliant on electronics  >:(