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new rudder new rudder tube and bearings fitted

new rudder new rudder tube and bearings fitted

New parts on after much swearing and hammering

    Well I've managed to get some of the sealer off my hands after 30 minutes in the shower with a scrubbing brush. must admit though rudder is 100% better than it was before today.


    Will taylor
    Jul 10 2011 04:17 PM
    A good job done, Alan/Bob.  Any danger of the bigger picture......please?
    O0 :cheers: :cheers:
    Hi Will, take it your after one of the whole boat?, we'll get a recent one put on

    Good to get it sorted, hard labour like everything else on these old boats
    Agree Chris makes even harder when the wellies slip on the ladder and you fall down the engine room hatch.  Feel like I've done 10 rounds with westword after the weekend but hey its worth it.

    Bigalan >:(

    Jay Cresswell
    Jul 12 2011 09:10 PM
    She's looking good
    Pleased to know that the old K3 prop did the trick and that its boosted her speed
    As for me, I bought the 38ft classic ketch that I mentioned at All-Energy
    Sequoiah is currently at Ardrishaig ... I sailed her up from Newlyn last week, making a fast passage
    This marks my return to vessel ownership after a 26-year break, but this time its for pleasure
    A bit scary but I'm glad I've taken the plunge; twas like getting back on a bike as the old instincts quickly returned