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Sara Cathryn Stevenson PZ753

Sara Cathryn Stevenson PZ753

Seen in Mounts Bay 31st August 2007 having left Newlyn for the last time on her way to the scrap yard at New Holland on the River Humber. She left the harbour and steamed across the bay, but turned round halfway across and came back as she is seen doing here. She was then met by one of the harbour boats near Sandy Cove before steaming off.

    Hi Sam

    Sad to see a Trawler heading off to demolition - may be of interest to folk to know her history - this from the Hearts of Oak web site @ http://freepages.fam...ecwll/srpz7.htm

    ON 704698
    Nr 1 in 1988 Penzance; Nr 14 in 1983 Brixham, formerly Dutch as JANNY
    Arrived at Penzance as JELLE renamed SARA CATHRYN STEVENSON 1st September 1988
    Registered 8th May 1988
    Owners William Stevenson of Trevose, Newlyn; Anthony Stevenson of Golva Newlyn; Jacqueline Sara Webster of Well Cottage Newlyn.
    Trawler Owners, Joint Owners 64 shares.
    26th November 1987 William Stevenson of Trevose is appointed managing owner.
    Gross tonnage 116.55
    Register Tonnage 52.45
    Motor ship single screw Built 1968 Holland Hylkema V Zowen, Marten Shoek, Netherlands
    One internal combustion engine 1974 Stork Werkspoor Diesel B V Amsterdam Holland
    Eight cylinders 240mm dia, 260mm stroke; 800 bhp, 12 knots.
    One deck, no masts, not rigged, raked stem, counter stern, carvel built steel fishing vessel, six bulkheads.
    Length 91.7 feet
    Breadth 21.1 feet
    Depth in hold 8 feet
    Depth from deck to bottom of keel 10.3 feet
    Round of Beam 1 foot
    Length of Engine room 19.2 feet


    Steve E.