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a big juict fat fife clam hah

a big juict fat fife clam hah


    Obviously not workin that day.Lovely blue shirt !!!!!!!!! :cheers:
    very good chance that will be doon the hatch by now :cheers:
    An appetizer for gw he wud need a basket for a main coarse :cheers: :cheers: O0

    young ronnie
    Jun 18 2011 08:59 PM
    Two or three of them fellas and a pair of skate wings,washed down wi' a pint of Guinness...ye would put Ron Jeremy tae shame efter that :cheers: :cheers:
    yuo should ken ronnie , the three bird roast man strikes  again ha O0 :cheers: :cheers:

    young ronnie
    Jun 18 2011 10:45 PM
    If only...it would take mair than clams,skate and Guinness tae pit me in that league Davie :cheers:
    and ron jeramy is who again ronnie  ha :cheers: :cheers: ;D O0
    am no in the 3 bird roast club like oor yr gw  :cheers:
    ronnie must be awa sailin  up some o them wee  gullys he keeps fundin  ha  :cheers:   he,s no sayin much  :cheers: