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Christina II plus video clip

Christina II plus video clip

Link to video of the old girl running flatout  

    Looks good
    Another good wee sail Bro, you fair caught some sun last night or was the sun sweating? :cheers: :cheers:


    Will taylor
    Jun 18 2011 12:52 PM
    I enjoyed that.  She fair nips along.
    the still picture fooled me at first thought it was a will taylor model sailing on a pond the boat is that immaculate :cheers:
    i am amazed at the speed, you have done a great job
    Its been a long hard 18 months but were now getting the use of her and she's looking not bad still lots to do if you look close.  She's going to be at northqueensferry classic boats 28th August and along at anster at the beginning of August 6th August i think if anyone wants a look round or a sail.